Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Day One

Dear Omar Minaya,
Please sign Rickey Henderson. I will post a new reason for you to sign Rickey Henderson as a 2007 New York Met here every day.

Reason 1: Shawn Green sucks.

Since signing with the Mets, Shawn Green posted a .257 batting average, and committed 3 errors in 32 appearances for a .949 fielding percentage in the regular season. Although he hit .333 in the 2006 NLDS, Green only had 2 RBIs and only scored 1 run. In the 2006 post season, he had numerous fielding gaffes and continuously failed to get hits in clutch situations. Green has never stolen more than 35 bases in a season.

Rickey Henderson has a career .279 batting average, and .980 fielding percentage as an outfielder, and has stolen an average of 74 bases per 162 games.

yo, u got some good ideas. ricky is the man. sean green sucks!
Omar better listen up and sign Rickey fast if he wants to make the World Series next year.
I want more reasons !!
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