Saturday, November 04, 2006


"I like playing for Oakland, they have a very colorful uniform."

Reason 5: Pieces of Flare

It's well known that Rickey Henderson is perhaps one of the most flashy players to ever live. Rickey Henderson has always played the game with a bit of style, flare and most of all, passion. In fact, Rickey once quipped that one of the reasons he enjoyed playing for the Oakland Athletics is because their uniform was so colorful and matched his personality. It's true, with their abundance of kelly green and bright yellow, the Athletics are admittedly colorful. They're pretty much the second most colorful team in the league. Next to who, you ask?

The New York Mets, that's who. Bright orange, royal blue. these are the colors the Mets and their fans wear proudly to show their passionate support for their favorite ball club. This, as we saw in the 80's, is the kind of environment Rickey Henderson thrives in, so bring him to New York, put him in blue and orange and watch him go.

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